Thursday, November 29, 2012

E-Book Review: Equation for Love by Fae Sutherland

Equation for Love by Fae Sutherland
Published by Amber Allure in June 2012
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Series: n/a
Sex + money shouldn’t = love, but since when does the heart follow any laws but its own?

Recent college graduate and mathematical genius Skye McCord is determined that this summer he is going to do something he’s always wanted to try. Living. And, as a scientist, he’s not leaving anything to chance. He’s got a new job in Las Vegas, a signing bonus burning a hole in his pocket and what else does a brainy geek spend his money on but an education? This time of the carnal variety.

Liam Maddox isn’t your ordinary gay male escort – he’s actually gay, and he really loves his job. Especially when he meets his newest client. Skye’s cute and awkward and sort of odd, and when he informs Liam that he wants to hire him to teach him everything he needs to know about being gay, well…Liam’s too intrigued to say no.

Except what starts as light-hearted lessons in sex and seduction quickly becomes more as Liam begins to tap into a submissive side of Skye the young man never knew he had. Liam’s never been this drawn to anyone before, and he’s beginning to wonder if he can walk away when their time is up. Does happily ever after exist for someone like Liam with someone like Skye?
I love reading about introverted geeks and Skye definitely fits the bill. He's a genius and because of his smarts, he skipped grades in school and was always younger (and a lot smarter) than his classmates. So now that he's done with schooling and he's about to start a new job, he decides it's time to come out and figure out what being gay is all about. To do that, he hires a male escort, Liam. Neither man is what the other expected but what they both realize is that they're perfect for each other. However, Liam cannot let things go to far, because Skye is technically a client.

I really enjoyed this one! I loved Skye's character. He may be introverted at the beginning but when he gains confidence in himself, he comes out of his shell. He's a fastidious guy but learns how to let control go. And he could do that because of Liam. Liam, while he's exploring exactly what Skye wants stumbles onto that control aspect of things with Skye. And wowza! I liked that. I didn't go into EfL expecting some BDSM but that's what I got. And it wasn't hardcore stuff, because I know that's not for me. But it was good.

Now don't go thinking Liam and Skye only get together once. No way. Skye hires Liam for a 3 week period, with their dates happening a few times a week. And it's not just sex all the time. Liam takes him places (like a gay bar and let me just say, I love dancing scenes LOL) and their developing feelings are believable. I also liked how Liam would get jealous when he'd think about Skye moving on from him and meeting someone on his own. Awww.

And the conflict was just right.  Internal - because it's about Liam making a choice.  Does he let himself make the right choice?

Equation for Love is the first book by Fae Sutherland I've read, but it definitely won't be the last.

I really liked Liam and Skye's story.  It was both sweet and really hot.  Solid B.



  1. This one really sounds great and something I'd see myself reading! Gotta love geeky characters :) But also the ones that are happy and love their lives! Thanks for the review, Ames!

  2. Hi Ames & you too Nath! I loved this one. I've read all of Fae's contemps, ones she wrote with Marguerite Labbe (loved Exceptions To The Rule) and ones Labbe wrote solo. I really like their voices & characters.

  3. Nath - You're welcome. :P I think you'd like this one.

    Mary - I've read a Margeurite Labbe before (I think only 1 book) but I'm going to look into her stuff and more of Fae's. Glad to hear you've enjoyed her other books.