Tuesday, November 13, 2012

E-Book Review: Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens
Self-published in August 2009 (recently got picked up by Gallery books)
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Series:  Thoughtless #1
For almost two years now, Kiera’s boyfriend, Denny, has been everything she’s ever wanted: loving, tender, and endlessly devoted to her. When they head off to a new city to start their lives together—Denny at his dream job and Kiera at a top-notch university—everything seems perfect. Then an unforeseen obligation forces the happy couple apart. Feeling lonely, confused, and in need of comfort, Kiera turns to an unexpected source—a local rock star named Kellan Kyle. At first, he’s purely a friend she can lean on, but as her loneliness grows, so does their relationship. And then one night everything changes . . . and none of them will ever be the same.
I have seen this book all over the place and thought I'd give it a shot.  It was hard for me to make it through. I knew going into it what the story was about, but ugh, it was difficult to read!  And it all lies in our 'heroine' Kiera.  What a bitch.  I did not like her.

I'm going to spoil this book totally so if you plan on reading it and don't want to know what goes down, stop reading.

Kiera and Denny have moved from Ohio to Seattle for Denny's internship.  Kiera's still in college so she lucked out by getting a scholarship to school out there and her and Denny move in with a buddy of his from high school days, Kellan.  Kellan is the lead singer in a band called the D-Bags.  He is extremely charismatic and uber sexy, with a trail of broken hearts behind him.  But Kiera is in love with Denny and she can see that Kellan is a fine specimen, but they remain friends.

Then Denny gets sent to Arizona for two months for his internship and Kellan and Kiera become close.  It definitely crosses a line - like if Denny saw how they were casually touching (hugs, cuddles on the couch, etc) he would not like it, but they don't cross that line into a sexual relationship.  While Kellan and Kiera get closer, Denny's calls come further and further apart, a distance that hurts Kiera.

Then Denny calls with less than month left of his trip and tells her that he was offered a 2 year position in Arizona and he's taken it.  Kiera is upset because he didn't consult her on this big decision and it's not like she can join him again anytime soon considering she just switched schools.  She breaks up with Denny over the phone and gets drunk off her ass.  Kellan joins her with a bottle of tequila and they end up sleeping together.

Two days later, Denny comes back.  Extremely upset with himself that he did that to her and he quit his job (and lost his internship) but they get back together and he finds a new (awful) internship.

Meanwhile, Kellan turns into an uber-douche and is extremely cold to Kiera.  She hates it because they were friends before things got physical.  She wants the old Kellan back.  After a few weeks of chilly Kellan, he tells Kiera that he's going to leave and she begs him to stay, which results in them having sex again.

Things change yet again between Kellan and Kiera.  While Denny is super busy with his new job (day and night always on call to his boss' nephew), Kellan and Kiera resume their cuddles and emotional intimacy.  Rules are eventually established (like no kissing).  This goes on for a while.  A long while actually.  With a few slip ups (make-outs, almost sleeping together) but finally the straw that breaks the camel's back is when Kellan and Kiera steam things up on the dance floor, she goes home with Denny all worked up and she thinks Kellan sleeps with her sister.  Kellan is sick of always being on the sidelines (as well he should be) and he starts 'dating' again.  Kiera is so torn up over this.

Basically it comes down to her saying she'll choose Kellan over Denny but then a few days later agreeing to go home with Denny over Christmas break and saying she chooses Denny.  Which kills Kellan.  Throughout all of this, Denny is clueless.  Things have slowly been deteriorating between him and Kiera but finally a lie catches up with Kiera - she had slapped Kellan in front of their friends and ended up telling Denny that it was because he slept with her sister and didn't call her after.  What really happened is that her sister slept with a friend of theirs, Griffin.  So Denny hears the truth about who Anna slept with and realized that Kiera lied about why her and Kellan got into a fight.  He then starts putting things together and sets up a situation where he 'tests' Kellan and Kiera.  He catches them kissing and Kellan reveals how he feels about Kiera.  Denny beats the shit out of Kellan and almost kills Kiera (by accident when she jumped on Kellan to protect him from a kick from Denny).  Denny breaks up with Kiera and moves back home, Kellan tells Kiera he needs space (because right before the fight was when she told him she chooses Denny).  Kiera mopes forever and then her sister drags her to one of Kellan's shows where he sings about his love for her and then they get together.

Doesn't sound too bad, right?  But Kiera killed me while reading this.  She wanted her cake and she wanted her pie and she could not make a decision which one she wanted more.  AND she constantly lied.  Constantly.  She also had the most annoying habit of being unable to speak in situations where she needed to speak up.  I hated that she watched Denny beating Kellan up for so long before doing something.  But really I hated all her lying.  To herself, to Denny.  She was just a dumb character.  Yes she was young, early 20s, but have some fucking self awareness!

I wish both guys just dropped her in the end.  She didn't deserve Kellan.  Or Denny.

And that's the other thing.  Her character was so blank.  What made her so special?  Kellan was attracted to how her and Denny interacted as a couple...and then that transferred into liking her because when Denny was gone, she transferred that caring and being sweet to him.  Kellan's thing was about finding love (because he had a shitty childhood) but what Kiera did was awful.  He was a great character but what Kiera did to him and what he allowed her to do to him shows just how screwed up his views on love were.  Kiera was such a spineless character who didn't want to hurt anyone and in the end ended up hurting everyone.  And what were the repercussions?  Nothing.  Her and Denny remain friends and her and Kellan get to be together.  I hated her.

Despite hating Kiera, I found this story oddly compelling.  But because of my distaste for her (as the story is told from her POV) I need to give Thoughtless a D.



  1. Ames, this sounds absolutely awful. I don't know how you finished it. That's one immature, manipulative young woman. Not a good base for a solid future with Kellan -- he must be very young or he would realize that too. ;P

    1. They're all in their early 20s. But Kellan had a screwed up childhood, so his views on love are skewed. And pure stubbornness made me finish this. As I was finishing it, I kept emailing Nath how much I hated Kiera. LOL