Friday, November 30, 2012

Furball Friday

Charlie is now fully recovered from her surgery.  If her energy this past week is anything to go by.  Gone is the calm puppy we had for 2 weeks.  Now her true JRT nature is revealed again.  LOL

Here she is, with her toy's carcass scattered around her.  haha

This picture is from this summer, when we spent a few days at my grandpa's.  I found this on my dad's phone and I just had to share.  



  1. LOL, I hope it was her own toy, Ames!! and not Max or She-Ra's cos otherwise, I see trouble brewing ahead :) and love the green eyes LOL.

    That couch picture is cute ) Very symmetric :P

  2. LOL, oh Charlie! I think that second is my favorite picture of all of the furball friday pictures you've shown on here. I love that picture!

  3. oh wow! she destroyed that toy.

  4. LOL @ toy carcass... glad she is better.

  5. Ropes and stuffed toys, she destroys them in seconds. *shakes head* And then we buy the rubber toys she can't pull apart...she doesn't want anything to do with them. Go figure.