Monday, November 12, 2012

So I've Moved

I have been the Thrifty Reader for over six years...but thinking about it, that title doesn't really seem to fit me anymore.  When I started blogging, I was still a student and cheap, so I would find my books at thrift stores, library sales, etc.  But things have changed vastly since then I'm buying and reading a lot more e-books.  I'll still buy print books, but I'm usually pre-ordering those and my old buying habits have changed.  Thus the change.

I've changed my blog address so I still need to go back and change all my review links for my alphabetized review list.  And anything else I may have overlooked.  LOL  Please be patient.

And thanks to everyone who continues to visit!



  1. I like the new name, and the new look. Good luck with your transition!

  2. Thanks Sara. I had to go around to all the places I've registered with the old address but I think I got it. Now it's just relisting all my reviews. That may take some time!