Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week In Review: 17/2/13

My past week was ok.  Monday started well, but Tuesday ended on a bad note.  More frustration than something bad.  Friday was gooood.  :P  And then yesterday we found out that someone who is not my grandfather (who is very much alive) was buried beside my grandmother in our family plot.  WTF?  After a LOT of questions, it turns out that it was the grave digger's fault, but the sister of the man who died and the preacher both knew that that was our plot and they didn't say anything to him.  Needless to say, this will be corrected.  But it feels a bit vindictive on the part of the sister and the preacher (who is a woman who due to personal reasons is not that fond of our family even though she puts on a good face in public - this will be a bit hard to explain away, huh?).  I just feel like my grandmother isn't getting any peace.  I didn't say anything when it happened, but in the fall, her very beautiful tombstone was damaged by some extremely respectful people.  :(

On a lighter note, yesterday was spent with family, celebrating my cousin's birthday and then I went to see Identity Thief.  It was a good, much needed laugh.

Ruined by Moonlight by Emma Wildes

I am a fan of Emma Wildes and this book was quite enjoyable.  It features two couples, a married couple where the wife wants more intimacy and emotional closeness and the other is a rake and a debutante who are kidnapped and their closeness is forced, but there is closeness.  :P  Review to come.

The Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spalding

I've been seeing positive buzz for this book all over blogland and even though I haven't been feeling like reading YA lately, I was intrigued.  The buzz is true, y'all!  I recommend you pick this one up.  Review to come!

No reviews but I had two blogiversaries this week (here and Breezing Through).

Also, I burned some retinas with a wonderful cover I found.  Seriously NSFW.  hehe


Screwing the System by Josephine Myles
Wayward One by Lorelie Brown
The Reece Malcolm List by Amy Spalding
Beautiful Redemption by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia

Kindle Freebie
Dead in LA by Lou Harper

Family Man by Marie Sexton and Heidi Cullinan
Lost in You by Lauren Dane



  1. Looks like you had a good reading week but not a good family week. I'm sorry that your family is going through that horrible thing with your grandfather's plot. I'm still completely baffled that those people would go through the burial, knowing that it was the wrong plot. Jerks. I'm glad that it's getting worked out though.

  2. I'm really sorry to hear about your grandmother's final rest being disturbed. And that's really bad of the lady and the preacher, if they knew. I mean, I can understand a little bit about the lady, but the preacher?!? Seriously?

    So glad you enjoyed the Emma Wildes! Phewww! LOL. Looking forward to your review of The Reece Malcom List. I've been hearing a lot of positive things about it.